CSE Capstone Project Course

Pavlos Protopapas


The next tutorial is WEDNESDAY 1st April 2015, at 9-11 for 2 hours at 60 Oxford St, Classroom 330, on Deep Learning.

i am the master of the universe...

The CSE Capstone Project course is intended to integrate and apply the skills and ideas in computational and data science that students acquire in other courses, such as data management, machine learning, statistics, and visualization.

By requiring students to complete a substantial and challenging collaborative project, the Capstone course will ensure that students are trained to conduct research and prepared for the professional world. The projects will be selected to combine the statistical, computational, and engineering challenges and social issues involved in solving complex real-world problems.

Students will be placed in groups of three to four and each group will work with the instructor, mentors and partners to identify a complex, open-ended real-world problem. Our partners are from academia, government, and the e-commerce, medical and financial industries. The student groups will understand and define the overall problem, and propose a solution. These solutions will be either in the form of a software package with documentation, a set of recommendations in a report, or a research paper.

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